August-T20 Masterclass
Thursday 4th & Friday 5th

One Day - £25

Both Days - £40

Additional £1 booking fee

At Wenden Cricket Club 

11-14 Year olds

How the Masterclass runs

Camps are from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

T20 Masterclasses are aimed at taking players to the next level and helping players improve at the shorter format of the game. They are designed to be more advanced and encompass more specialist coaching techniques. An Introduction to hardball cricket will also be involved. The Masterclass is primarily designed to run over two days, however, attending one day is possible. Due to the nature of the masterclass, it is preferred that those attending have played cricket before.

A multitude of different exercises and drills are used to improve each participant's skill set.
These newfound skills are then reinforced in a match setting over the duration 
of the camp where a number of matches will be played.

·         Please ensure your child has a packed lunch with LOTS of water and sun cream.

·         There will be a lunch break as well as other smaller breaks throughout the day.

·         Appropriate clothing should be worn and hats are essential.

Online booking is preferred and can be found below (£1 booking fee applies), however offline bookings are available and a form can be downloaded HERE.