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May/June - Tuesday 31st & Wednesday 1st


One Day - £25

Both Days - £40

Additional £1 booking fee

At Wenden Cricket Club 

6-12 Year olds

How the camps run 

Camps are from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Attending a camp offers young players a chance to have fun, learn new skills, develop existing skills, make new friends, gain experience of competing as well as keeping them focused, active and engaged throughout the holidays.

The camps are aimed at all abilities, from beginners up to advanced players. The two days are aimed at improving the cricketing skills of each individual and are primarily designed to run over two days, however, attending one day is possible. 
with a multitude of different exercises, drills and games used to improve each player's skill set.

These skills are then reinforced in a match setting over with a number of games taking place over the course of the camps.

  • Please ensure your child has a packed lunch with LOTS of water and sun cream.

  • There will be a lunch break as well as other smaller breaks throughout the day.

  • Appropriate clothing should be worn and hats are essential.

Online booking is preferred (£1 booking fee applies), however offline bookings are available, all information can be found by clicking offline booking link

Tuesday 1st May ONLY

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